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1 encouragement of the progress or growth or acceptance of something [syn: promotion, furtherance]
2 the act of moving forward toward a goal [syn: progress, progression, procession, advance, forward motion, onward motion]
3 gradual improvement or growth or development; "advancement of knowledge"; "great progress in the arts" [syn: progress]

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avancement, avancement. See advance.


  • a US /ædˈvæns.mɛnt/ or /ɛdˈvæns.mɛnt/


  1. The act of advancing, or the state of being advanced; progression; improvement; furtherance; promotion to a higher place or dignity; as, the advancement of learning.
  2. An advance of money or value; payment in advance.
  3. Property given, usually by a parent to a child, in advance of a future distribution.


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